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Weber gas grill Q model overview

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Weber gas grill Q model overview Empty Weber gas grill Q model overview

Bài gửi by Admin Sun Oct 04, 2020 2:54 pm

For many people, barbecuing is one of the nicest things to do, especially in summer. In addition to the perfect weather and the right people, the right grill is of course decisive for uninterrupted grilling pleasure.

Weber is considered one of the best grill manufacturers in the world . One of the most popular model series are the Q models.

Click on the link and you will be taken directly to the model overviews:

Best gas grills under 1000

What makes Weber grills so special?

Weber grills not only have an aesthetic shape, all of these grill designs also serve one purpose, namely to provide the optimal grilling experience. Thus, the aesthetic point was perfectly combined with the benefit.

The inventor of the design is Walter Gropius and he already stated back then that both art and craft must be combined. The first Weber gas grill Q was built in 1952. The makers at the time had the following ulterior motive: to create a better alternative to the open brick grill that was common up until then.

In rainy weather these clunky grills were not usable. So George Stephen from the Weber company in Chicago set about inventing a grill that did not have these problems. His thought was simple but ingenious.

He took a hemisphere from each of the shipbuilding buoys, for which the Weber company was actually known, screwed 3 legs to one side and punched several holes in the floor for air circulation. Then he used the other hemisphere as a cover for the device. This is how the first Weber grill was born.

Stephan created a revolution with the lid , because with this lid it was now possible to grill directly as well as indirectly. You can still buy the classic from Weber today, of course it has been continuously improved and overhauled.

Over the years the range of grills has been constantly expanded . In addition to the classic charcoal grill, you can also buy gas grills and even designer electric grills at Weber these days.

Which gas grill is the right one?

With a gas grill you are well served both in summer and in winter. In this way you can open up a culinary world that is second to none for yourself and your friends.

In order to find the right model for you at Weber, you should take your time and carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages .

Which gas grill Q is the best for you depends on your individual needs. To find out, ask yourself the following questions before buying your new grill :

How big should your Q gas grill be?
How many burners do you need for your gas grill?
Do you need a gas grill that has a side cooker?
Do you need a closed or open trolley?
Or would you prefer a charcoal grill?
In the following we introduce you to the individual models of the Weber gas grill Q series:

Weber gas grill Q 1000

The Weber gas grill Q 1000 is ideal for grilling on the balcony . It is compact and powerful at the same time. The grill grate made of porcelain enamelled cast and the housing made of sturdy cast aluminum ensure a corresponding longevity.

Due to its size, it fits perfectly on the balcony and is also suitable for camping. The device weighs 11 kg and has the dimensions 68.6 x 52.1 x 59.7 cm. A stainless steel burner with its power of 2.64 kW provides the necessary heat.

It gets the energy it needs from disposable gas cartridges. However, it can also be converted to gas cylinders with an adapter. The grill uses piezo ignition for the highest level of safety.

The combustion valve is continuously adjustable. This has the great advantage that you can easily control the heat supply to your grilled food. Aroma rails are also built into this grill.

This means that no hot fat can land on the food and ignite. The excess fat then ends up in a drip tray and can be easily disposed of from there. The grate is divisible.

Experience reports on the Q 1000

According to various experience reports, customers who have bought the Weber Q 1000 gas grill are particularly convinced of:

The simple and problem-free conversion from gas cartridge to gas bottle.
The even distribution of the temperature on the grill.
The very good processing quality of the material.
The sufficiently large grill area.

n addition, the Q 1000 gas grill is easy to clean and leaves nothing to be desired.

Weber gas grill Q 1200
The Weber gas grill Q 1200 is just like the Q 1000 suitable for the balcony. The design is compact and the grill is still very powerful . This way you always get a perfect grill result for your grilled food.

The Weber gas grill Q is very stable and durable , especially due to its porcelain-enamelled cast grill grate and its sturdy housing. Due to its size, it fits perfectly on every balcony, no matter how small, and is also suitable for camping.

The Q 1200 is a really mobile storage space miracle. It also has two small side tables, which are perfect for spices and marinades. Due to the two-part porcelain enamelled cast grill grate including the aroma rails and the glass fiber reinforced nylon frame, the Weber gas grill Q is very durable as well as weather and heat resistant .

The fat drip tray is removable, making it easy to dispose of dripping fat. The combustion valve is steplessly adjustable and thus ensures optimal temperature control. There is an integrated lid thermometer to perfectly control the temperature of the food to be grilled.

Experience reports on the Q 1200
Satisfied customers of the Weber gas grill Q 1200 are particularly impressed by:

The very good workmanship of the device.
The well thought-out and simple operation.
The easy cleaning of the grill.

Thanks to the compact design of the grill, which allows it to be folded up practically, customers' expectations are fully met .

Weber gas grill Q 2000
The compact and powerful Weber gas grill Q 2000 is a perfect companion for a great grill result . The grill grate is made of porcelain enamelled cast. The cast aluminum housing ensures a high level of stability and durability.

It is easy to use and therefore ensures great barbecuing fun with the whole family . Both the lid and the housing are equipped with a cast aluminum drip guide.

The grill grate is divided into two parts and thanks to the integrated aroma rails it protects the burner from dripping fat. The burner is made of high quality stainless steel . The combustion valve is steplessly adjustable and thus ensures optimal temperature control.

The fat collecting tray can be removed and thus ensures problem-free disposal of dripping fat. The grill has a piezo ignition and two work tables that can be converted into the perfect storage space.

Experience reports on the Q 2000
According to the experience reports of satisfied customers, the Weber gas grill Q 2000 impresses above all with:

Easy installation.
Solid material and high quality workmanship.
Ease of use.
Rapid heating of the grill area.
Thanks to the ingenious system, the temperature and the cooking of the food is very even over the entire grill surface . The grilling result is very good overall.

Weber gas grill Q 2200
The Weber gas grill Q 2200 impresses with its compact and powerful design, with which you can easily achieve a perfect grill result . The cast grill is made of a porcelain enamelled material.

The stable and durable housing made of cast aluminum makes the grill something very special and shows good quality. The use of the grill is also very easy. Both the cover and the housing are made of cast aluminum with a drip guide.

The Weber Q 2200 gas grill is ideal for users who want a high level of comfort . The working height of the grill is very comfortable. The grill has a thermometer integrated in the lid at the factory.

The operating costs of the Q 2200 are also very low, the stepless burner only requires 2660 g of gas per hour. The nominal power is 3.51 kW. The grill has built in an electric ignition device, so lighting is also very safe.

Experience reports on the Q 2200
The majority of customers describe the Weber gas grill Q 2200 as the perfect device. Above all, it impresses with:

Can be expanded with the pizza stone.
Safe and reliable electronic ignition.
Easy to use temperature control.
Low gas consumption.
Regardless of whether different steaks, sausages or vegetables are to be grooved with the Q 2200 - it works very well with this grill and ensures a great taste experience .

Weber gas grill Q 3200
For use in the garden , the ideal Weber gas grill Q 3200 well. With it, small celebrations and parties can be celebrated without any problems . The trolley and the grill are firmly connected, which makes it mobile at the same time.

The foldable side tables are very advantageous and also save space. The housing and cover are made of sturdy cast aluminum. The thermometer is also built into the lid of this model as standard. So you always have control over the grill temperature.

The grill grate is also divided into two parts and made of porcelain-enamelled material. The aroma rails protect the burner from dripping fat. This also prevents the formation of flames.

Direct and indirect grilling is possible thanks to the two separately adjustable burner valves. So it is no problem to light the grill in unfavorable wind conditions. A 5 kg gas bottle can easily be stowed on the floor of the trolley.

Thanks to the stable wheels, it is also possible to move the grill during operation. The Weber gas grill Q 3200 also has a warming rack and a handle light. This illuminates the grill surface perfectly in the dark.

Experience reports on the Q 3200
Satisfied customers report that the grill is primarily characterized by the following points:

Quick and easy assembly.
Easy to use.
Rapid heating of the grill surface.
Possibility of direct and indirect grilling.
Easy cleaning.
No sticking of the meat to the grill surface.

Because of these points and the stable design of the grill, you will enjoy it for a long time. A perfect barbecue pleasure on mild summer evenings and you are sure of it even in winter .

The Weber Q gas grills are special. Above all, they are characterized by their high quality . The customers who have already been able to convince themselves of one of these grills are very enthusiastic. When it comes to gas grills, the Weber brand is a very good choice .

The handling of all models is quite simple, the grill is quickly assembled and all models are characterized by the fact that the grill grates are made of porcelain-enamelled material. The grill grates are divided into two parts and each grill has aroma rails and combustion valves.

No matter which of the Weber Q models you ultimately choose, barbecues will be absolute pleasure for you in the future. Depending on your own wishes and requirements, you can choose from the models presented here.

Alternatively, you can find the best gas grills here .


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