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Aquarium LED lighting

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Aquarium LED lighting Empty Aquarium LED lighting

Bài gửi by Admin Sun Sep 13, 2020 7:58 am

Aquarium LED lighting 1

Anyone who has an aquarium coffee table knows how important light is for plant growth and for the beauty of the environment.

There are several options from many different prices. For basic aquarium lighting, LED technology can help. The idea is as simple as possible, at a lower cost, and providing adequate lighting for the aquatic environment. It serves as a basic rule the proportion of 1W per liter of water for proper lighting.

Step 1: theory

My aquarium has 120 liters, 100 liters useful. With the rule, it's easy to expect 100W for proper lighting. While searching the internet I found led strips, solid color (pure white) or RGB, so the color would best suit your environment. Are sold in rolls of 5m with 300 leds of the 5050 model and makes the 72W. Even though 72W falls below 100W, I decided to mount the solution and the result was excellent for my purposes

Step 2: the solution:

5 meter LED strip RGB 5050
5a 12V power supply
1 RGB controller
They are sold in sets:
http: ...

1.5 m aluminum profile as shown above.
1 double-sided tape
50cm - tape 4 way wire
Tools like soldering iron, pliers, wire ...

Step 3: assembly

I used 1.5m aluminum profile as above, cut a picture in half and glued it, forming a profile of 75cm with twice as wide.

I cut the LED strips into several pieces of 75cm in equal dimensions from aluminum and glued inside. After that, the weld was made between the several pieces of tape with the tape wire.

Step 4: completion

Once you make the connection, use a black sticker on the other side of the aluminum profile for a better finish.

Step 5: test it out!

Then switch the tape to the 12V supply and choose the color you want.

Light for aquariums ready, easy and inexpensive.


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