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The 2 best headphones from Audio-Technica

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The 2 best headphones from Audio-Technica Empty The 2 best headphones from Audio-Technica

Bài gửi by Admin Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:07 pm

The Japanese company Audio-Technica has long made a name for itself in the world of audio equipment. In this article we would like to take a look at the ten best headphone models from the manufacturer. We would like to present a product that is as suitable as possible for every budget. Here comes our list! You can read more about over ear headphones for working out

Audio-Technica ATH-R70X

Highly efficient magnets
Mixture of carbon and natural resin offers strength
The honeycomb aluminum housing is acoustically transparent

The model with the designation "ATH-R70X" was able to grab first place in our list of the best. If you open the package that contains the headphones from the renowned manufacturer, the slim design of the product immediately catches your eye. In fact, the ATH-R70X comes with a comparatively narrow headband, while the integrated pads ensure that it is comfortable to wear. This is especially beneficial for long-term users, in combination with the feather-light weight of the headphones, there is never any uncomfortable pressure on your head. Despite its reduced design, our Platz 1 proves to be extremely robust headphones. However, due to the open design, slight deductions in terms of external damping must be noted.
The sound that the ATH-R70X reproduces impresses with its particularly well-balanced mix. Due to the linear sound alignment, which does not bring any area of ​​the sound field to the fore, these headphones are particularly suitable for studio use. Accordingly, unsuccessful recordings are pleasantly exposed honestly, since the weaker passages are not covered over by artificially amplified bass. Of course, the ATH-R70X is also suitable for regular use in everyday life and is not aimed exclusively at those clientele who want to use the headphones for the production of their own works. So if you are willing to dig relatively deep into your pocket to buy the Audio-Technica ATH-R70X, you will get a reliable product with the purchase of the headphones that is suitable for both studio and hobby use.

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b

Critically acclaimed headphones, engineered and designed in Japan for the audio enthusiast
Experience high-resolution audio anywhere, anytime thanks to the new lightweight design
Connect the MSR7b to the latest high-spec audio players for the ultimate listening experience on the go

The runner-up in our selection can already convince purely visually. The classic, simple design with its subtle blue applications is immediately appealing. With regard to its own brand presence, simplicity was also the key, Audio-Technica just perpetuated the in-house logo in the form of a matt finish on the ear cups. The headband made of metal was equipped with an extendable snap-in system, which allows you to adjust the span of the headphones to your individual head shape. So that your ears are not affected during use, your eavesdroppers are embedded in a springy cushion made of synthetic leather. The Y-shaped cable unfortunately only has a length of around 1.2 meters, which is why we criticize slight criticism regarding the freedom of movement. In addition to a mini jack adapter, you will receive a practical carrying case when you buy it, which allows you to take the headphones with you when you travel.
In addition to the great integrated padding on the ear cups, the low weight of the ATH-MSR7b also means that you practically completely forget the headphones during long sessions. This also applies to those who wear glasses among you.

With the help of the 45 millimeter driver, the ATH-MSR7b achieves a frequency response that ranges between 5 Hertz and 50 Kilohertz. As a result, the headphones give you a crystal clear sound image, which gives you a very detailed listening experience. Overall, we can look forward to a well-balanced sound, in which neither highs, mids nor lows appear too dominant. Instead, every sound nuance plays out its individual strengths in a stylish manner. The highs are sharp, the mids serve us with pure natural vocals, while the basses boom pleasantly without overdriving.


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