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Hearing protection for sleeping: For an undisturbed night's sleep

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Hearing protection for sleeping: For an undisturbed night's sleep Empty Hearing protection for sleeping: For an undisturbed night's sleep

Bài gửi by Admin Mon Sep 21, 2020 2:42 pm

Reduce noises such as snoring.

Sleep is essential for our health. Anyone who has had a good rest starts the day rested and fit. Troublemakers like a ticking alarm clock, snoring partner, noisy neighbors or traffic noise can ruin our night's rest. Such annoying noises can be reduced with high-quality hearing protection for sleeping - nothing stands in the way of a restful sleep. See also ear muffs for sleeping

High wearing comfort and effective noise insulation required

Earplugs for sleeping must sit comfortably, they must not disturb the wearer at night. If this is not the case with standard hearing protection solutions, it is advisable to purchase custom-made hearing protection for sleeping. If the earplugs are to work against snoring, they must have a particularly effective insulating effect: A snoring person generates volumes of up to 80 decibels - for comparison: the traffic noise on a busy street ten meters away is between 80 and 90 decibels, a normal conversation Volume 40 to 50 decibels.
The often low frequency of snoring noises is transmitted through the body or through the bones. Therefore, they cannot be completely faded out even with the use of optimal hearing protection.

Hearing protection for sleeping: Warning tones must remain audible

Earplugs for sleeping have two actually contradicting tasks: They are supposed to suppress disturbing ambient noise - and at the same time ensure that warning tones, nightly calls from the baby and the morning ringing of the alarm clock can be heard. This is why hearing protection does not completely block out noises when sleeping.


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